Working with Jessie Payne on a project is something I look forward to.  Her listening skills allow me to lay out the project and her insights and experience with complex problems and needed solutions help to frame the work that we will be doing together.

—Nancy DiMattio, Caring Health Center


JPC can help you:

  • Understand the experiences of your stakeholders, clients and consumers
  • Assess the impact of your programs, services, and products
  • Identify measures to track and improve your outcomes and impact
  • Sustain and market your programs and services based on accurate communication about outcomes

We provide customized research in five general categories: Evidence Based Frameworks, Impact Assessment and Evaluation, Research Planning and Design, Market Research, Positioning Research, and Cultural Documentation and Program Development.

Evidence-Based Frameworks

We partner with organizations that pioneer innovative strategies and systems change initiatives to formalize or codify their work by translating lessons learned and promising practices into frameworks or models that others can replicate. Drawing typically from organizational data and staff knowledge, these frameworks help innovators develop new, data-informed road maps to characterize the unique processes, decisions, strategies, and steps they took to make change and get where they are. Use these consultancies to share a powerful, coherent story about your work that reflects the values, practices, and impact that you know is possible once others catch on and begin to follow your lead.

Impact Assessment and Evaluation

We help you measure the extent to which your programs, services, or products achieve established objectives and outcomes (summative research) and identify areas for improvement (formative research). JPC has worked with clients across multiple sectors to clarify their goals and from there to plan, design, and implement rigorous evaluations through which organizational leaders gain deeper understanding and thus capacity to communicate with partners and funders about how their programs make a difference and matter in real time and in actual lives. Use our evidence-based recommendations to continue to develop programs, services, and products and to inform strategic planning and fundraising.

Research Planning and Design

In lieu of comprehensive assessment and evaluation projects, these technical assistance consultancies give you an effective, low-cost option to support staff who need guidance conducting research and evaluation in-house. JPC serves as a resource and sounding board for project leaders responsible for developing research plans, designing research tools (such as surveys and protocols for interviews and focus groups) and progressing through the process of execution, analysis, and presentation of research. JPC has an exceptional track record of supporting organizations and their staff to integrate evaluation research into their on-going work in ways that help them develop more compelling stories as they report out results. Use these technical assistance consultancies to develop evaluation plans for grant proposals, design institutional “self-studies” for strategic planning, or to guide staff in determining how best to keep on track and measure their progress in program development and implementation.

Market Research

We work with you to collect information from consumers, business leaders, partners, and competitors to guide marketing strategy, inform branding campaigns, and provide an authentic, real-world understanding of organizational and/or product positioning. JPC’s superior research skills give marketing leaders access to candid accounts from consumers about their needs, choices, and behaviors. JPC has collaborated with stellar marketing teams and organizations to produce robust data to inform strategies for more effective market positioning and storytelling. Use the data we gather to develop bold consumer profiles and inspire vivid, evidence-based marketing and branding campaigns.

Positioning Research

We help you gain access to emerging discourse, debates, and resources on topics related to your work. As you seek to position your organization in a competitive marketplace, you need to constantly update your understanding of relevant popular, scholarly, and disciplinary literature, online resources, pressing current debates, and key competitors and comparable institutions doing cutting edge work in your field or industry. JPC completes comprehensive reviews of literature and online resources and presents findings addressed to current and prospective stakeholders, funders, collaborators, and other targeted audiences. Use our positioning research to enhance your grant writing and reporting and other efforts to bolster financial and strategic support for institutional growth and change.

Cultural Documentation and Program Development

These consultancies may have an evaluative aspect, but more typically support development of public educational programs based on documentary research regarding individual and community-based cultural and arts activities. JPC conducts qualitative (ethnographic) research using interviews and photography focusing on communities defined by region or location, ethnicity, nationality, refugee status, occupation, religion, and shared cultural custom. Use our services to network with and provide technical assistance to leaders and artists in local and regional cultural communities, develop school projects, public exhibitions, and performing arts events, obtain technical assistance on program development, funding, and outreach, and identify ways to integrate an understanding of cultural practices into provision of social and civic services.