The report [Jessie] wrote for us reflected deeply on all the complex dynamics among our students. It was real, not a standard, cookie cutter report with numbers and catch phrases. It had a human touch, which made it easier to understand and for me to relate to my work here... Her insights about what was going on for our students gave me a new way of looking at my job.

—John Larson, Stoneleigh Burnham School


JPC delivers research findings to you in the form of written reports, verbal presentations, raw data, and raw data sorted by topic.


Written reports

We provide an array of written reports to address your organizational needs and audiences, including:

  • Executive summaries and rich narratives of research findings, including detailed descriptions, informative visuals, exemplary quotes and statements, and recommendations for future research and action. 
  • Summaries of interview, focus group, and survey results to be used as part of institutional reporting and working papers.
  • Position statements outlining organizational approaches to critically relevant topics based on research findings and literature reviews.
  • Research Plans that integrate program data and information for use in formulating research agendas, instruments, and designs.
  • Consumer profiles depicting research-based portraits of typical consumers for use in marketing and branding campaigns and strategies.
  • Progress reports with comprehensive descriptions of activities and findings as they unfold in the course of a project.


Verbal presentations

We provide verbal presentations throughout the course of research and in culminating meetings and discussions.  Verbal progress reports allow you to stay informed and to have input in the research as it moves forward.  Final verbal presentations accompany written reports and allow you and your staff to ask questions regarding the data and findings and to brainstorm with us about research implications, recommendations, and future action.


Raw Data

We provide raw data to you in the form of interview and focus group transcripts and/or notes.  We edit data for confidentiality and present it to you in accessible formats to facilitate immediate and long-term uses.


Raw Data Sorted by Topic

We sort our raw data so that you can review research results by topic.  This allows you to easily pull out portions of the data that are relevant to your areas of expertise or responsibility for your own planning and reporting. 


We conduct research in English and Spanish but provide all research documents in English.