Jessie… builds trust with interviewees in a disarming and empathetic approach that keeps them on the phone as long as necessary. Jessie gets beyond the data and demographics to the emotional and behavioral factors driving purchase decisions. 

—David Poole, Critical Mass


JPC’s custom designed consultancies cover all stages of the research process, from planning and design through implementation, analysis, and the presentation of findings. Our mixed method, bi-lingual (English/Spanish) research combines Planning and Design Alignment, Interviews, Focus Groups, Surveys, and Review of Literature and Online Resources.

Planning and Design Alignment

Solid, evidence-based frameworks and assessment and evaluation processes build on strategic planning and design processes, which are typically a part of any consultancy. JPC projects build on collaborative work with you and your team to ensure that our deliverables reflect and align with your goals and the impact you want to and have achieved.

JPC’s lead researcher, Jessica Payne specializes in working closely with organizational liaisons and teams to carefully guide project planning and design. This critical process ensures that our work together is effective, addresses key questions, aligns with your mission and values, and helps you define and tell your story in the most compelling and authentic ways.

Planning and design evolves through guided informal conversations with your key staff and administrators to develop a project plan and design, including:

  • Definition of your goals, objectives, and expected impacet or outcomes
  • Identification of measures of success
  • Design of research, assessment, and/or evaluation tools and processes
  • Plans for collection, management and reporting on results and findings
  • Identification of key audiences and uses of deliverables so as to develop most effective communication methods, tone, and strategy

JPC meets you where you are. If your team has limited experience with planning and design, this process builds clarity and capacity. Staff with prior experience benefit from the contribution of outside expertise to refine their approach and ensure strong deliverables.


Through one-on-one interviews we provide you with detailed information about stakeholder perspectives and needs. The resulting information has immediacy and a human voice that we help you put to use to ground your decision-making, amplify findings from other qualitative and quantitative data, and support efforts to strategize, prioritize, and communicate about your programs and your organization.

JPC’s lead researcher, Jessica Payne has conducted interviews with hundreds of individuals, honing a personable style that draws people out, causing them to reflect on their experiences with candor. She connects with and listens closely to informants so that they feel they have been genuinely heard. This inspires them to reach—and share--a deeper understanding of their values and perspectives and to reveal what motivates their dilemmas, actions, and choices relative to your organization.

We design interview research using informal conversations with your key staff and administrators to gain an inside view of your organization and its players, programs, services and products. Through this preliminary inquiry, we work with you to develop a research plan including:

  • Design of interview questions
  • Informants to be interviewed
  • Processes for informant recruitment, contact, and interview logistics
  • Confidentiality and informant consent
  • Approach to data processing, analysis, reporting, and presentation
  • Consideration of audiences to be addressed
  • Expected research outcomes and use

Throughout this process, we collaborate closely with staff who oversee relevant programs, gaining their input along the way. This close relationship makes it possible for key decision makers to have immediate access to research results. Clients have the option to work with raw data, data that is indexed by topic, or to rely on our detailed data reports and recommendations as they decide how to use the data to move forward.

Focus Groups

Focus groups help you gage the perspectives and interests of a cohort of stakeholders. As focus group facilitators, we guide participants to reflect on their experiences, views, and choices relative to your organization, programs, or products. Participants spark one another, extending one another’s comments and instigating deeper probing of an issue, affirmation of commonalities, and articulation of differences in perspective. These group conversations produce valuable information about key variables affecting organizational, programmatic, or product function and use.

Building on her distinctive approach to one-on-one Interviews, JPC’s lead researcher Jessica Payne creates a climate of connection in which participants feel comfortable sharing their experiences, contributing to a broader conversation, and navigating differences and commonalities within a group. We help you design focus group questions that address your key concerns and help you figure out who you need to be talking with. Our analysis of focus group sessions provides insight into recurring themes and patterns, supported by exemplary participant comments, and recommendations for future action.


Online and email surveys allow you to reach a large cohort of stakeholders and to obtain both quantitative and qualitative data on their experiences, perspectives, choices, and values. Surveys ask respondents to locate themselves within a spectrum of possible experiences or views and include open-ended questions in which participants explain their responses in greater detail. Surveys are an ideal tool for characterizing target consumers, measuring how and whether programs, services, or products engage them, and soliciting broad input regarding options for development and change.

JPC guides you through every step of the survey process, from design through administration and analysis. We specialize in surveys that combine qualitative and quantitative measurements and apply our hallmark hands-on approach to interpreting open-ended responses. We help you make sense of survey data when it raises new or unexpected questions that may need more in-depth research and assist you in synthesizing findings to feed into strategic planning and organizational development efforts.

Review of Literature and Online Resources

In Positioning Research and Research Planning and Design consultancies, the synthesis of research materials—including internal reports and documents, external reports, background literature, and online resources--is a primary project objective. Review of these materials may inform a relevant research plan or a comprehensive public statement about your organization’s approach to a given topic.

JPC brings years of experience and skill to the collection, analysis, and synthesis of background research resources and their integration with new research completed with clients. Our superior writing abilities support your efforts to address the full spectrum of scholarly, professional, and lay audiences served by your organization.